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Condiciones generales de contrato
1/ Basic terminology

(a) The Seller

MediaVault Hungary Adatbiztonsági Kft.

Company Address: 132 Thököly street, 1145 Budapest
Telephone: (+36-1) 246-80-00
Fax: (+36-1) 246-80-06
Email: info (@)
Trade register number: 01-09-881359
(Registered at the Budapest City Court as Registry Court)
Tax number: 13949235-2-42
EU VAT Number: HU 13949235
Statistical number sign: 13949235-7230-113-01
HUF account:
Account-leading bank: UniCredit Bank Hungary Zrt.
Account number: 10918001-00000036-63180009
IBAN: HU95 1091 8001 0000 0036 6318 0009
Represented by: Gyula Mátyás, Managing Director

the exclusive owner and operator of the Web shops accessible on: and , (hereinafter: "Web shop").

(b) The Procurer
A natural or legal person or a business association without a legal entity who registers in the Web shop of the Seller and orders or buys a product/products or service/services through it. (The Seller and the Procurer hereinafter collectively: "Parties").

(c) The Supplier
The supplier company commissioned by the Seller.

1/ In order to place an order on the Web shop, the Procurer needs to register on the Internet homepage of the shop by supplying his data. The Seller records the registration data, and the Procurer can modify these at any time by logging into the account.
The individual products can be placed in the shopping cart by clicking on the "Add to cart" button. The order can be initiated by clicking on the "Checkout" button, following selection of the products to be placed into the shopping cart. Before confirming the order, the accuracy of the ordering data can be checked, modified and/or deleted. The Procurer can confirm the order by clicking the "Confirm order" button on the Order confirmation page. The data of the respective order cannot be modified after it has been sent.

2/ By placing an order on the Web shop the Procurer proposes to buy a chosen product or service from the Seller. The electronic order confirmation statement sent by the Seller within 48 hours of placing the order will be considered a supplying contract between the Parties. The contract is considered a written contract, it is filed, and can be retrieved. The language of the contract is Hungarian.
The precondition of a successful order is the precise, accurate specification of the invoicing, transportation and contact information. The Seller reserves the right to delete the data of the Procurer after receipt if the accuracy is questionable or cannot be interpreted. The order/s arriving with these data may be considered invalid.

3/ Service Area
The Seller accepts orders arriving exclusively from the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

4/ The Procurer can cancel the contract, after the order has been placed and till it is fulfilled, by paying a 20% cancellation fee. The contract can be cancelled only in writing (by writing a message in the "Contact Us" menu point of the Web shop, emailing us at info (@) address, or by sending a fax to us at: (+36 1) 246-80-06). Cancellations can be accepted only before the transport of the product has begun.

5/ Payment Terms
The prices given in the Web shop do not contain VAT and transport fees.

Before the order is approved, the Procurer will be informed about the transport fees incurred. The transport fee is a function of the delivery address and the weight of the products to be purchased. The given transport fee refers to one parcel as it was confirmed by the Procurer on the Confirmation page.

After the order is placed, the system will send a confirmation e-mail to the Purchaser. The Seller will compile a PDF/format invoice about the ordered products and services, and will send this to the e-mail address of the Purchaser. Purchaser will transfer the cost of the ordered products and/or services, referencing the corresponding invoice number, in advance, to the IBAN account number of the Seller, specified on the invoice. The Seller will transport the given products after the confirmation of payment in full. The Seller will supply the Procurer with the original invoice together with the products. Invoices of the Seller are always issued in Hungarian Forints (HUF) with payment terms of 8 days.

In case the Procurer delays the payment, the Seller has the right to amend the payment liability with an interest for default which is equivalent to the double of the central bank's actual prime rate. If payment for the invoice has not been fulfilled within 15 (fifteen) days after its due day, the Seller has the right to sell its claims to a third party, and the fees incurred by the third party while managing the claim will be borne by the Procurer.

The Seller preserves the right to modify its prices and to validate the exchange rate changes in its prices. Delivery of the orders happens at the prices effective at the time of the order.

6/ Transportation Terms
The Seller will initiate transport of the ordered products - which are available from the warehouse - within 48 hours, at most, from the receipt of their prices.
In case the Seller is not able to transport a product from the warehouse at the time of the actual order, it will confirm the new time of delivery with the Procurer.
The delivery of the ordered products (by Procurer) will be accomplished by a company assigned by the Seller.
Personal receipt of the ordered products is not possible owing to logistical causes.

7/ Transportations in partial shipments
The Seller has the right to transport the ordered products in partial shipments until the order is complete. In such a case, the Seller has the right to issue an invoice for each particular product transport. The Seller cannot charge extra expenses for the transports.

8/ Unsuccessful Delivery
The delivery will happen on working days, between 8:00 - 17:00. During this time it is the responsibility of the Procurer to assure the presence of a person who has the right to receive the product.
The Transporter will attempt to deliver the products twice and will leave a notice for the Procurer both times. In case of an unsuccessful delivery, the Transporter will return the products to the Seller. The Seller will fulfill delivery of the product only if the transport fee is paid for again.

9/ Other regulations regarding the Consumers
Those physical persons who sign a contract beyond their economic or professional activity have the following rights, based on the government decree 17/1999 about contracts signed between distant Parties:

(a) The Consumer can cancel the contract within 8 working days, without cause.
(b) The Consumer can practice its right to cancel the contract beginning from the day when the product was delivered, and in case of a service, when the contract was signed.
(c) In case the Consumer cancels the contract, the Seller is obliged to refund the money paid by the Consumer within thirty days of canceling the contract. The Consumer will bear the expenses arising from the cancellation and the returning of the product. The expense of the original delivery is not refundable. The Consumer will not bear any other expenses. The Seller can demand compensation for the damages arising from the improper use of the product.
(d) If the Seller fulfills delivery with a substitute product, the expenses arising from the Consumer's practicing of the right to cancel will be borne by the Seller.

10/ The Consumer cannot practice the right to cancel, according to the 17/1999 (II. 5) government decree 5§ :

(a) In case of a service contract, if the Seller has begun providing services, with the consent of the Consumer, before the eight-day period for cancellation expires.
(b) In case of a product or service that is connected to the Consumer's person, or was ordered by the Seller from the producing or service company, on the basis of the Consumer's explicit request or its instructions, or which cannot be refunded because of its nature.
(c) If the Consumer has unpacked the product from its original package.

11/ Warranty, complaints
The Procurer has the obligation to check the delivered product item by item.
In case of an erroneous delivery, the Seller will contact the Procurer in order to set up a new delivery time. The expense of the new delivery will be borne, in this case, by the Seller.
In case the product is defective, the Seller assumes responsibility to refund or exchange the product, refund the transport fee or deliver the new product free of charge.
The Procurer has the obligation to communicate its complaints and observations to the Seller, using the above given contacting methods. The complaint will be inspected by the Seller within 5 working days, who will notify the Procurer in writing about its results and the further tasks to perform.

12/ The Seller will strive and make maximum effort to show the precise and actual information on the Web shop, but cannot be held responsible for the contingent imprecision.

13/ The Parties will try to resolve their disputed issues primarily by negotiation. In case their conciliation doesn't bring a result, the Parties will assign the exclusive competence of the Pest Central District Court and the Court of Budapest to decide their debate.

14/ To the questions not regulated by the present contract, the law concerning the Civil Code and the other similar, effective Hungarian laws and their dispositions will apply.